Mesajul tău a fost trimis cu succes.

Your kind of offers in your kind of places.

You go to
the place you love(you do that anyway).

Lovelty will let you know
about the offers that you
are most interested.

You will enjoy the
Lovelty special offers for
loyal customers.

Request and redeem offer.

  • Consider only the offers
    that matters to you

    Lovelty gives you instant acces to offers that you really want from the places where you go out usually. Nothing more.

  • Your wallet
    is happier

    Theres no need to carry dozens of loyalty cards in your wallet. With Lovelty you have all your loyality offers directly on your phone so you can enjoy the discounts that really counts for you without further fuss.

  • Give your support
    to local companies

    Lovelty it s not only about discounts. It s your way of helping local businesses to keep up with their bigger competitors. Because we always prefer to have multiple choices.

Where do you
find Lovelty?

Here's a list of places where
you can enjoy all Lovelty’s offers and discounts

We support local entrepreneurship through loyalty solutions based on innovative technology.

"Lovelty is the initiative of a couple of friends who intend to support the beautiful stories of entrepreneurs in Romania."

Alin Zăinescu, co-founder Lovelty